• One Hundred Ways to Change the Subject: Plutocratic Fallacies in the Service of Fast-Food Exploitation

    By Jeffrey Nall, Truthout | News Analysis

    Fast food against unions(Image: Jared Rodriguez / Truthout)As fast-food workers demand a fair share of the profits they create, the industry, its supporters and assorted critics of the movement have responded by lobbing red herrings, from the contention that workers should find new work if they don't like their current working conditions to the threat that "robots will replace you." Others charge that workers don't deserve a living wage because their job doesn't require a college education. A Facebook meme posted by Sarah Palin in response to last fall's Fight for 15 protests pictures US soldiers in combat, accompanied by the text: "We get paid less than minimum wage and you're demanding 15 bucks an hour to slap a burger on a bun." These common appeals are part of a tapestry of "plutocratic fallacies" used to justify exploitive wages and foster irrational division among low-wage workers.

  • Students Should Be Creative Innovators, Not Force-Fed Consumers of Status-Quo Knowledge

    Students Should Be Creative Innovators, Not Force-Fed Consumers of Status-Quo Knowledge

    By Mark Karlin, Truthout | Interview

    Unless students are empowered to help shape their own educations, and use their skills and energy to fight for justice and make their neighborhoods better places, there will be little progress in solving the nation's most pressing problems, Mark Naison, author of "Bad Ass Teachers Unite," tells Truthout. He says we need to go back to the activism of the '60s, where young people took the lead in fighting for civil rights and transforming their own schools.

  • "Badhoneywell" Makes Its Nationwide Debut

    "Badhoneywell" Makes Its Nationwide Debut

    By Mathias Quackenbush, Truthout | News Analysis

    The US government's complicity in the Israeli siege of Gaza is no secret. Israel has the eleventh largest military in the world, which is in large part due to US military aid of over $3 billion annually. What remains in the shadows, however, is the alarming extent to which United States corporations profit from the Israeli war machine. Honeywell International Inc., collaborator with the Israeli weapons industry and profiteer from US drone wars, is the target of a new nationwide boycott and divestment campaign.